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“A human being is a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Ida P. Rolf, Phd

"Change Your Body About Your Mind" with Structural Integration and therapeutic massage. The Research is conclusive changing our bodies does change our minds and Structural Integration is a tool that can assist you! Watch this TED talk about body language and brain chemistry and read this article about Fascial Fitness and the abilities of our physical bodies to change over time.

Structural Integration and Structural Bodywork offer a new way to approach your health and fitness goals. Rather than being something that is done to a client by the therapist, it works best if we work together as a team. While I offer hands on guidance, the client, through movement or simply breathing finds freedom from restrictions in the fascia and more ease of movement in general. Overtime, changes in the structure of the body, more awareness of posture and of our ability to move beyond previous limitations become the norm and we move on to the next level. While some of this can be done in the context of a massage therapy session, it works best if done as a series of sessions with each session designed to bring awareness to specific movement patterns.

Massage Therapy and Structural Integration are available by appointment in Key West at 1121 Margaret Street and at Felts Chiropractic Center in Gulfside Village, 5800 Overseas Hwy Suite #7 in Marathon, as well as in the privacy of your home or hotel.

For information about the Marathon meetings of the Key West Tara Mandala Tibetan Buddhist Meditation group contact Ellen.

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Arlene Elizabeth Haessler, LMT
KMI & Board Certified Structural Integrator
Cell: 305-292-2331 

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